F1 Car for Sale – 1991 Ferrari F1-91 (Type 642)

From the listing for this 1991 Ferrari F1 car for sale: A 1991 Ferrari F1-91 (Type 642) leads the single-owner Willi Balz Collection at Bonhams. Although primarily known and acknowledged as auctioneers, Bonhams will sell the collection by the tender, otherwise known as sealed bid, process. The Ferrari F1 offered has an enviable racing history.…

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F1 Car for Sale – 1992 Williams FW14B

From the listing for this 1992 Williams F1 car for sale: Official Williams Heritage agents Cars International are offering this very special 1992 Williams FW14B chassis-10. The car offered directly from the Williams private collection is in non-running show car format, this classic Adrian Newey designed FW14B was instrumental in helping Williams achieve their three…

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F1 Car for Sale – 1990 Williams FW13B-Chassis 08

From the listing for this 1990 Williams F1 car for sale: Much had been expected from the Williams-Renault FW13B when it first appeared in the 1990 F1 World Championship, this ‘B-Spec’ featured aerodynamic and rear suspension advances, plus Renault’s more powerful RS2 V10 power unit. FW13-B followed on from the Williams-Renault FW13 designed by Enrique…

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