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From the listing for this 1992 Ferrari F1 car for sale:

With the F92A Ferrari introduced a new numbering system regarding their Formula 1 racing cars. Referring to the new V12 engine, the A1A-92, the car received the typing 92A. The engine was lighter and more compact than its predecessors. The car was developed by Steve Nichols and the French aerodynamicist Jean-Claude Migeot. The F92A was known for its two underfloors. When driving, the turbulent air was directed between the actual underbody and the cockpit floor 15 cm above. From there the air flowed to both rear diffusers. What worked well in the wind tunnel became a problem on the road. Especially on wavy stretches, the car was hard to control. Migeot also developed a new front end. On the left and right two air inlets were pulled so far forward that the air flowed past the body and pushed the rear down without affecting the function of the rear wing.

Our offered car is the chassis with the most races in 1992. It is one of 3 still running vehicles worldwide with the best racing history from this year.

From Wikipedia:

The Ferrari F92A was a Formula One car designed by Jean-Claude Migeot for the Ferrari for use in the 1992 Formula One season. There were two versions of the car, the original version raced in the first eleven races of the season, with the updated F92AT version racing in the latter stages of the season.[3][4] The car was driven by Jean Alesi for the entire season, and by Ivan Capelli for most of the season, before he was sacked and replaced by Nicola Larini.[5][6]

The car was most famous for its “double-flat bottom” floor that made it difficult to drive. The car only achieved two podiums and a total of 21 points.[5] The F92AT version was introduced at a test day in August held at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit and first appeared in the championship at the Grand Prix of Belgium. The new version incorporated a seven-speed transverse gearbox, with a modified front suspension. It also included a more rigid engine mounting system and an up-to-date version of the underwing.[7] The best results were two third places by Jean Alesi.

The F92AT driven late in the season by Nicola Larini carried the team’s first attempt at an active suspension. This gave Larini’s car a 30 kg weight disadvantage to team mate Jean Alesi’s version. Unfortunately this was too much for Larini and the team to overcome with Larini only placing 12th and 11th in his only drives with the team.

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Please Note We Do Not Sell Cars Directly

This is a blog and not responsible or in anyway affiliated with people offering the cars for sale. Also these posts are not updated and the cars have most likely been sold so beware when clicking the links from old posts.