Rally Car for Sale – 1984 Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 1 Group B

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This 1984 Group B Peugeot 205 Rally Car is being offered for Auction at the RM Auctions Monaco event that is running on May 14, 2016 at the Le Sporting, Monaco.

This is a great car with fantastic history. Driven to Victory by Ari Vatanen in 1984.

From the listing for this 1984 Peugeot Rally car for sale:

Group B—one simple letter that motorsport enthusiasts pine over!

That era, beginning in 1982 and lasting just five seasons, is often referred to as the “Golden Era” of rallying and was one of the most technologically advanced and intriguing, but also dangerous, times in motorsport history.

Arriving relatively late to the scene—only homologated in 1984—the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Group B rally car was to trounce the established opposition en route to winning six of the eleven WRC events held in 1985 alone.

This T16, serial number C11, was built by the Peugeot Talbot Sport team for the 1985 WRC season, to be driven by the 1981 World Champion Ari Vatanen. The opening event was the 53rd Rallye Monte Carlo rally held from 26 January to 1 February over roughly 850 kilometres of the most gruelling and demanding roads in France. Peugeot Talbot Sport would enter three cars: C6 for Bruno Saby, C10 for Timo Salonen, and C11 for Ari Vatanen. After testing, all three drivers chose to run on the tarmac suspension setup with a 33/67 torque split front to rear. All three cars were initially fitted with the close-ratio gearbox sets, but soon Vatanen opted for the wider ratio; the sister cars would follow suit on the following stages.

The rally started well for Peugeot fans, as Ari Vatanen immediately took the lead with a victory on the first stage. The second stage was taken by the Sport Quattro S1 of Walter Röhrl, who claimed the overall lead by the end of the first day. On Monday morning, Vatanen and Röhrl immediately made it clear that they were the race favourites by trading stage victories. For the stages held near Grenoble, Audi Sport changed Röhrl’s suspension settings, and Vatanen took advantage by snatching 42 seconds from the Quattro in only two stages. Audi quickly reverted Röhrl’s suspension back to its previous setting, however, Vatanen was on a role and managed seven victories out of the next eight stages!

At the evening stop, close to Gap, Vatanen believed he held

From Wikipedia:

To homologate the 205 T16 (“Turbo 16” in France) Group B rally car, Peugeot had to produce 200 road-going examples. According to the Group B regulations, these had to be based on a current production road car. Peugeot decided to base the Group B rally car on the two door version of the 205. The engine was based on the cast iron block of the Diesel version of the then new XU engine family, albeit with a specially developed 16-valve head. The gearbox came from the Citroen SM but was mounted transversely. The car had all wheel drive. The body was built by Heuliez, where standard three door bodyshells from the production line were delivered and heavily modified. Heuliez cut off the complete rear of the car and welded in a transverse firewall between the B-posts. The rear frame was then built in a mixture of sheet steel profiles and tubes. The front was modified in a similar way with a tube frame carrying the front suspension. The completed bodies were delivered to Simca (Talbot) for the 200-series production cars and to Peugeot Talbot Sport for the competition versions. All street versions (VINs P1 to P200) were left hand drive and identically kitted out in dark grey colour, except the first (VIN P1) that was painted white and carried all the competition cars’ decoration for demonstration purposes. The competition cars of the first evolution series (VIN C1 to C20) were built at the sport department Peugeot Talbot Sport and presented to the public at the same day as the standard street version. Later competition vehicles of the Evolution 2 series (VIN C201 to C220) were built differently as the rear spaceframe had no more sheet steel profiles in it but was completely made from tubes only.

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