On this day the 7th April 1968 Jim Clark double Formula 1 world champion died in an non-championship F2 race in Hockenheimring Germany.

Clark died when his car left the track and crashed in to some trees. The cause of the crash was never identified but many believe it was deflating rear tyre that caused the crash as Jim Clark was too good a driver to make an error.

Clark was driving a Lotus car when he died and his death deeply affected Colin Chapman who said he had lost his best friend when Jim died.

In a sad twist of fate Jim Clark ended his Formula 1 career with win at the 1968  South African Grand Prix on news years day with a dominant  1 – 2 victory for Lotus. Graham Hill picked up and carried the lotus team to the 1968 Constructors and Drivers world championships.

Jim Clark’s records may have mostly been beaten by todays drivers but in an age where death was a real possibility in every race the drivers of his time deserve to be remembered for their courage and be revered.

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