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Classic #f1 Car For Sale – 1983 Arrows A6

  From the listing for this F1 car for sale: The 1983 Arrows A6 was the last of the Cosworth DFW powered Arrows and the last normally aspirated Arrows. Designed by Dave Wass the A6 was built in the flat bottomed style required by the 1983 rules. This car is in excellent condition and will…

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Classic #F1 Car for sale – 1991 Footwork Arrows FA12

From the listing: The Footwork Arrows FA12 was a collaboration between the Arrows F1 Team and Porsche Motorsport. It featured cutting edge aerodynamics, all carbon fiber construction and carried a Porsche V12 engine that should have been a world beater. The V12 was essentially two Porsche – TAG 1.5 litre engines grafted together with an increase in displacement. This similar design philosophy worked well…

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