Not an F1 car but

It’s not a classic #f1 car but #no13 1936 Talbot Lago

  For this post I wanted to find an old racing car that was not a F1 car. I came across this beautiful looking car for sale at and did decided to research it. The Talbot Lago T150c was produced in 1936 and was designed by Georges Paulin a part time dentist / part time car designer. Georges…

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It’s not a classic #f1 car but #no12 – Lamborghini Countach

  Like the Ferrari Testarossa the Lamborghini Countach  is a car of childhood dreams for those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. The Lamborghini Countach was first on sale in 1974 and was discontinued in 1990. The car was designed by Marcello Gandini who also designed Lamborghini Miura,the first-generation BMW 5-series and the Lancia Stratos supercar among others. From Wikipedia…

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