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1938 Alpha Romeo 308

From the listing for this Enzo Ferrari managed Alfa Romeo Team Classic GP racing car.

In 1938 the Works Alfa Romeo team ‘Alfa Corse’ was still managed by the young Enzo Ferrari when it launched the legendary 308 Grand Prix Alfa Romeo. Four cars where built to meet the requirements of the new series for 3 litre cars. The engine, a 3 litre twin-overhead cam straight-eight engine was supercharged by twin blowers while the twin-tube chassis was an updated from the 8C 1935 tipo C. The entire project was under the supervision of Giocchino Colombo.

Of the four cars built only two survive. The first 308, driven by Tazio Nuvolari, crashed on its debut, at Pau in 1938, and burst into flames. Eugenio Siena was killed another of the cars, after hitting a wall, during the Tripoli GP . The third had run of success in Europe and South America, including the Rio de Janeiro GP, driven by Pintacuda.

From Wikipedia:

The Alfa Romeo 308 or 8C-308 is a Grand Prix racing car made for the 3 litre class in 1938, only four cars were produced, actually modified from Tipo C with the engine mounted lower into the chassis and a slimmer body. The chassis was derived from the Tipo C and the engine from the 8C 2900. The 308 was engineered by Gioacchino Colombo under the control of Enzo Ferrari who was then in charge of Alfa’s racing team, Alfa Corse. The car debuted at the Pau Grand Prix in 1938, two cars were entered to race, one for Tazio Nuvolari and the other for Luigi Villoresi.[4] Both drivers had to withdraw from competition, however Nuvolari had by then set a lap record. The next race was the Tripoli Grand Prix. The new 312 (3-litre, 12 cylindres) and 316 (3-litre, 16 cylindres) were entered, but they got engine trouble during practice and Clemente Biondetti took the start at the wheel of the 308 held in reserve. He failed to finish while Hermann Lang driving a Mercedes-Benz W154 was the winner. In this race Eugenio Siena driving a 312 was killed after hitting a wall.

In the 1938 Mille Miglia, Clemente Biondetti and Carlo Pintacuda took the first two places. Biondetti’s car used a 300 bhp (220 kW) Tipo 308 engine, while Pintacuda’s used a 225 bhp (168 kW) 2900B.

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