Old F1 Car for sale – 1970 March 701/2 Tyrrell – Ex Jackie Stewart

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1970 march 701/02 Tyrrell

Listed for sale is a 1970 March 701/2 Tyrrell F1 Car. This car was driven by Jackie Stewart and he has described the car(701/2) as “the most difficult F1 car I drove.”. However he did manage to win in it twice, once in the non-championship 1970 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch and the other at 1970 Spanish Grand Prix. He also managed to qualify it on pole for its F1 Race debut.

From Wikipedia:

The March 701 is a Formula One racing car model, designed by Robin Herd with Peter Wright, and built by March Engineering. The 701 was March’s first Formula One design – following their one-off March 693P Formula Three prototype of 1969 – and was designed and built in only three months. The March 701 made its race debut a month after its public unveiling, at the 1970 South African Grand Prix. In total, eleven 701s were constructed, with March supplying many privateer entrants as well as their own works team. The 701’s career started well, March drivers taking three wins and three pole positions from the car’s first four race entries, but lack of development through the 1970 Formula One season resulted in increasingly poor results as the year wore on. The 701 was superseded by the March 711 in 1971, and made its last World Championship race appearance at the 1971 Italian Grand Prix.

Although the chassis monocoques for 701/2 and 701/4 had been manufactured by March, the final buildup of the cars was by Tyrrell mechanics. As a result, the blue Tyrrell cars incorporated a significant number of differences and tweaks in their configuration to the cars run by the works March team and those supplied to other customers. The first major difference was the specification of Dunlop tyres, rather than the Firestone rubber with which the works cars were equipped and the 701 had been designed around. In an attempt to develop the car and improve its handling the Tyrrell team made adjustments to the position of the suspension mounting points and added a damper to the steering system. More subtle variations related to the positioning of exhaust pipe brackets, wing struts, the oil radiator, and the pipe runs for lubrication and coolant fluids.

Following the first race in South Africa the Tyrrell team also made adjustments to the design of the front wings. They removed the fixed, fibreglass items integrated into the nose cone that had been supplied by March and replaced them with adjustable aluminium aerofoils. These could pivot about a horizontal axis to alter the whole plane’s angle of attack. An additional benefit was that they were removable, to reduce drag, and Stewart’s car made use of this for the Italian Grand Prix at the high-speed Monza circuit

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Please Note We Do Not Sell Cars Directly

This is a blog and not responsible or in anyway affiliated with people offering the cars for sale. Also these posts are not updated and the cars have most likely been sold so beware when clicking the links from old posts.