From the listing for this 2001 ARROWS F1 car for sale:

Formula One Arrows A22-3 Drived by Enrique BERNOLDI at 15 races in 2001.

– Rolling chassis

– Original Steering wheel

– Dummy engine

– Gearbox revised by MJ Tech (UK)

– Brake front & rear (NEW)

– Pedal box, Suspension, Fuel tank (COMPLETE)

– Electronic (NO)

– Hydraulic (NO)

Formula One Arrows A22-4 Drived by Jos VERSTAPPEN & Enrique BERNOLDI at 2 races in 2001.

– Spare tube

Spare parts package Arrows A22

– 1 x Front nose

– 1 x Rear crash box

– 1 x Steering culumn

– 1 x Set of wishbone

– 1 x lot of hydraulic parts

– 1 x lot of carbon parts

– 4 x Kit of wheels (crack tested, revised & repaint by BBS)

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Price full package: 195.000 € + VAT

From Officina Caira:

The Arrows A22 was the car with which the Arrows team competed in the 2001 Formula One season.
It was driven by Jos Verstappen, who was in his second year with the team, and Enrique Bernoldi, a rookie who brought sponsorship from Red Bull.
The A22 was a development of the previous year’s highly promising A21.
However, the project was hamstrung by changing engine suppliers for the second year in a row.
Out went the Renault-based Supertecs, and in came the Asiatech engines, a private development of the unsuccessful Peugeot engine which the Prost team had used in 2000.
The engine was less powerful than its predecessor, and also had reliability problems.
The team made the decision to equip the car with a very small fuel tank. This resulted in several high-profile, low-fuel strategies as the drivers, particularly Verstappen, used their light cars to good effect in the opening stages of many of the Grands Prix.

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Price: 195.000 € + VAT

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