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F1 Car for Sale – 1987 Lotus 99T ex Ayrton Senna



The Listing for this 80’s Lotus F1 car for sale:

This 1987 Lotus F1 Car driven by Ayrton Senna is being offered for sale with Honda Turbo Engine.


• This car records milage of 3,194.1 miles in the 1987 Grand Prix season
• This car is in original Lotus livery in the German Grand Prix where Senna finished 3rd
• This car comes with legendary Honda turbo engine that has not been running since 1987
• This car is currently located in Chicago area of Illinois, USA
• Due to aging, Goodyear tires have been replaced with Avon tires
• The Lotus 99T comes with the following items:
• Original Goodyear tires
• Three used steering wheels
• A comprehensive history file containing photographs, engineering notes and other historic documentation on a race by race basis from Team Lotus
• Spare parts and pit equipment are not available

From Wikipedia:

The Lotus 99T was a Formula One car designed by Gérard Ducarouge for Lotus for use in the 1987 season. After Renault pulled out of F1 at the end of 1986, Lotus signed a deal with Honda for use of their turbocharged 1.5-Litre engine, although due to Honda’s already existing deal with the Williams team allowing them exclusive use of the 1987 spec Honda RA167-E, Lotus had to make do with the Honda RA166-E spec engine from 1986. As part of the deal, Lotus agreed to sign Honda’s test driver Satoru Nakajima as team mate to Ayrton Senna. Nakajima, who many felt was only in F1 because of his nationality and because of Honda, brought little to the team other than Honda.

Lotus had also lost long time major sponsor John Player Special who were replaced by Camel as title sponsor, meaning the black cars with gold sign writing of the previous seasons were replaced by bright yellow with blue sign writing.


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