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Classic Go-Cart for sale – Ex-Mika Häkkinen 1982 and 1986 go-carts


Two Ex Mika Häkkinen go-carts have come up for auction. They are being offered for Auction at the Bonham’s The Spa Classic event at Francorchamps, Le circuit de Spa Francorchamps on May 24, 2015.

There is not much information on the listings yet that show the history for these carts.

Information on Go-Carts:


Ex-Mika Häkkinen
1982 Finn Kart SF A1
Chassis no. 466
Auction Estimate: €8,000 – 12,000 – £5,900 – 8,800


Ex-Mika Häkkinen
1986 Birel T17
Chassis no. 0125
Auction Estimate: €8,000 – 12,000 – £5,900 – 8,800

From Wikipedia:

The following year(1982), he finished the runner-up in the 85cc class of the Formula Mini series and later won the Ronnie Peterson Memorial event and the Salpauselka Cup in Lahti. Häkkinen moved to the Formula Nordic 100cc class for 1983, where he clinched the championship on his first attempt and also participated in the A Junior Team Races for Finland alongside Taru Rinne, Jaane Nyman and Marko Mankonen, with the line-up taking the championship.

For 1984, Häkkinen clinched the 100cc Formula Nordic title and later participated in the World Kart Championship race held in Liedolsheim. Häkkinen took his second consecutive 100cc Formula Nordic Championship in 1985 ahead of Jukka Savolainen. He later took part in the Nordic Championship A-Class in that same year, finishing runner-up to Tom Kristensen. Häkkinen went to Parma to participate in the World Kart Championship where he retired before the event’s final heat due to a mechanical problem. In 1986, he clinched his third consecutive Formula Nordic 100cc title and also took part in karting events across Europe

Check out the auction Lot information  for the 1982 Finn Kart SF A1 at

Check out the auction Lot information  for the 1986 Birel T17 A1 at

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