Classic F1 Car for sale – 1981 Williams FW07C-D Ex Alan Jones Winning car

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1980 Williams F1 FW07 C/D

From the listing for this Williams F1 Car for sale:

Designated chassis number 16, this car was built in time for the 1981 campaign and appeared at six championship races in the hands of Jones. The Australian finished three of these on the podium thanks to a third place in the Netherlands, second in Italy and a famous victory at the US Grand Prix in Las Vegas.
For 1982 Williams developed the experimental FW07D. Chassis number 16 was given some of the upgrades that were fitted to the FW07D prototype before it went on to be driven in ‘82 by Carlos Reutemann (South Africa and Brazil) and Mario Andretti (Long Beach, USA).
Williams subsequently sold FW07-16 to Jacques Setton in 1984, along with two other FW07s. It remained in Setton’s ownership until March 2000 when it was sold to Roy Walzer.
Purchased by its current owner in 2011, this famous Williams is fully race-prepared and remains a front-running car in the right hands. Eligible for all of the finest historic Formula 1 races, it is fitted with a Geoff Richardson Ford Cosworth DFV engine and comes complete with current HTP papers. FW07-16 is now ready to be enjoyed by its lucky new custodian.

From wikipedia:

The FW07B evolved into the FW07C for 1981, and this time it was Reutemann who challenged Piquet for the championship, narrowly missing out in the final race, but Williams took home the constructors’ championship after four more wins. Further work was done to the suspension, especially after the FIA banned the moveable skirts needed for effective ground effect. The hydraulic suspension systems were developed by Jones, who hated the rock hard suspension. During a winter test session at the Paul Ricard Circuit in the south of France, he suggested to Frank Williams that to compensate for the harsh ride and the pounding the driver gets while driving the car that he “put suspension on the seat”, which Frank thought was a good idea. However, he then replied that Jones should sit on his wallet. ‘Yeah,’ drawled the tough Aussie. ‘then give me something to put in it!'[4] Jones temporarily left Formula One because of the extremely unpleasant ride the FW07C gave, he later described driving the car as “wrecking the internals”.

The FW07D was an experimental six-wheeled test car (4 driven rear wheels, and 2 non-driven front wheels) that was tested by Alan Jones on one single occasion at the Donington Park circuit. With the FW07D proving the concept, its unique design was incorporated into the six-wheeled FW08B.

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Please Note We Do Not Sell Cars Directly

This is a blog and not responsible or in anyway affiliated with people offering the cars for sale. Also these posts are not updated and the cars have most likely been sold so beware when clicking the links from old posts. 

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