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Classic #f1 Car For Sale – 1970 Frank Williams Racing – DeTomaso 505

f1 Car  - 1970 DeTomaso 505


From the listing for this Formula One car for sale:

DFV F1 Successful design by Dallara, driven by Piers Courage. Totally rebuilt by Hall & Hall and ready to race.

From Wikipedia.

Argentine sports car manufacturer De Tomaso, who built a Formula One chassis (designed by Gian Paolo Dallara) for Frank Williams Racing the 1970 season. However, the car was initially uncompetitive, failing to finish the first four races of the year. In the fifth, the Dutch Grand Prix, the De Tomaso 505/38 flipped and caught fire, killing Courage. The death of his friend seriously upset Williams; the subsequent distance the team principal placed between himself and his drivers has been attributed to this event. The team soldiered on, however, first with Brian Redman, then with Tim Schenken. With no results, the partnership with De Tomaso was dissolved.

Listed for sale with Hall & Hall


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