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Classic #f1 Car For Sale – 1961 Vanwall VW14

F1 Car - 1961 Vanwall VW14


From the listing for this F1 car for sale:

2.7 litre The only rear engined Vanwall. Driven by Surtees. Purchased directly from Vanwall.

From Wikipedia:

The last racing Vanwall was an “unwieldy” rear engined machine produced for the 1961 3.0 litre Intercontinental Formula. Although showing promise when campaigned by John Surtees in two races, development was stopped short when the formula did not find success in Europe. The engine was enlarged to 2,605 cc (159 cu in) (96.0 mm × 90.0 mm (3.78 in × 3.54 in)), rated at 290 bhp (220 kW) on 100 octane petrol

Heres a video of the car in action at the 1961 XIII B.R.D.C. International Trophy at Silverstone:

Goto 1 minute in to see the car racing.

Currently listed for sale with Hallandhall


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