Classic #f1 Car For Sale – 1952 Cooper Bristol CB3/52

Classic F1 Car - Cooper Bristol CB3/52


From the listing for this F1 Car for sale:

Built for Eric Brandon and Ecurie Richmond this was the third Mark 1 Cooper Bristol built, and it was extensively raced in period by Brandon and Allan Brown. The Cooper that followed this, CB/4/52 was the car in which the young Mike Hawthorn was to make his name and to bring him to the attention of Jaguar.

Designed by the company for the 2-litre Formula 2 Series, CB3/52 was one of two run by the Cooper Car Company, as a works backed entry in International racing in Europe in 1952-53, driven by Brandon and Brown under the Ecurie Richmond banner. The Cooper used a racing specification Bristol 2-litre engine (BS1-102) producing 175 bhp.

During the 1952 season CB3/52 raced in the Swiss; Italian; Belgian; Marne and British Grand Prix and was a familiar sight on national and international circuits.

From Wikipedia:

The front-engined Formula Two Cooper Bristol model was introduced in 1952. Various iterations of this design were driven by a number of legendary drivers – among them Juan Manuel Fangio and Mike Hawthorn – and furthered the company’s growing reputation by appearing in Grand Prix races, which at the time were run to F2 regulations. It wasn’t until the company began building rear-engined sports cars in 1955 that they really became aware of the benefits of having the engine behind the driver. Based on the 500cc cars and powered by a modified Coventry Climax fire-pump engine, these cars were called “Bobtails.” With the center of gravity closer to the middle of the car, they found it was less liable to spins and much more effective at putting the power down to the road, so they decided to build a single-seater version and began entering it in Formula 2 races.

This is a great looking car and has some solid history attached. One thing I should note is it’s an F2 car but was raced in F1 when F2 Cars were permitted to drive in F1 races.

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